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As a settlement, Gansbaai came into being in the early 1880′s. Nomadic fishermen, of whom a gentleman with the name of Cornelis Wessels is claimed to be the first, settled on this coastal stretch of the farm “Strandfontein” (Fountain on the beach). The center point was the freshwater fountain next to the present harbor which provided the small but successful community with drinking water. This fountain was home to wild geese and soon the place was known as “Gansgat” (goose-hole), later changed into the more respectable Gansbaai (Goose bay). The name Wessels and those of other early settlers are still the common names in Gansbaai.

The fountain has recently been restored into its former glory and a plate next to it tells the story of the founding of Gansbaai. Only the geese have not returned (yet). Read More…

Whale Watching:

An animal 8 to 10 times the size of a bull elephant and so ugly it becomes breathtakingly beautiful. Gross, huge and seemingly ungainly and yet so graceful, sensitive and inquisitive.These majestic creatures are often friendly and playful and have a dendency to show off. A 16 metre giant of some 50 to 60 tons is so aware of its great body that it is able to pass under or next to our boat, curving its fluke around the boat inches away without bumping it.
The mating game. A huffing and puffing, rolling and twistingof a group of up to 7 males, all with nothing but procreation on their minds; lucky or is it unlucky lone cow, the centre of their attention.
A mother and her calf, more often than not, touching, playing together, rolling over and over and under each other, the calf with its tail or flipper draped across her back. To hear her hooing call when her calf strays too far in the game of ‘catch me if you can’ with a Cape Fur Seal. The breach can only be compared to a missile being launched from a nuclear submarine below the sea. The loud roar as it rockets up from the deep to the huge crash as it lands back into the sea. A truly unforgettable experience.These gentle giants leave you deeply aware of how insignificant we are in the greater picture.

Shark Cage Diving:

Seeing the greatest and one of the oldest animals on the planet is truly a unique, awe-inspiring and a humbling experience. Most people arrive with fear and trepidation and leave with admiration and a newfound respect for these majestic animals.

Experience the thrill of being underwater and surrounded by Great White Sharks! Feel the exposure of freediving while remaining safe inside the cage, or participate from the boat and see the Great White Shark in all its magnificence.

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